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Introducing the Lifestyle Quadrant

Everything we do in our daily lives can be categorized into one of these four Lifestyle Quadrants.

The activities you do for a living. They usually pay the bill, and then some. Typically these are activities that happen at your work place or while honing your craft, but they can also be household chores and after-work errands.

  • Clean camera
  • Food cost analysis
  • Light 11-versus-11 game
  • Wrap up offering memorandum
  • Review changes to presentation
  • Sourcing for freelance projects
  • Work on presentations
  • Editing photos

Candy Crush, anyone? Or perhaps an EDM party? Or maybe just good old BBQ. Whether on our own or with our family and friends, we all could use a social life and some guilt-free fun in our lives. Here’s to the good times, mate! But first, let me take a selfie...

  • Drinks and supper with friends
  • Social clubbing
  • Watch football
  • Happy hour with boss & colleagues
  • Lunch time with friends
  • Travel out
  • Friends' happy birthday dinner
  • Watch movie with friends

This is essentially pertaining to personal growth. Probably the most important yet most neglected aspect of our life, grow is any activity that involves investing your time and energy into your personal development - be it your body, mind or soul.

  • Create youtube photography tutorials
  • Freelance travel writing
  • Attend photo exhibit
  • Exercise - gym
  • Photo-blogging
  • Read news
  • Tea time
  • Research on new dishes
  • Self-education

Rest is refreshing. Rest is rejuvenating. Rest allows us to be the best that we can possibly be. Be it a good night’s rest, or a power nap, or simply kicking back to a bowl of salad, we all need mini-getaways throughout the day to relax and recover.

  • Quick coffee break at starbucks
  • Recovery ice bath
  • Quick snack
  • Brunch
  • Watch TV show
  • Late breakfast
  • Lunch & coffee break with colleagues
  • Power nap in the sleeping room
  • Shower
  • Relax
  • Take a walk

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